Favorites from 2011

I thought I would share some of my favorite tech tools and ideas from last year.  Maybe they will become yours for this year!

Dropbox   I have carried around portable hard drives and flash drives around my neck and wrists so that I could transfer files from work to home and back.  What a hassle!  With Dropbox, I can just upload in one place and download in another.  No hassle!

Livebinders  This is a great way to have a 3 ring binder on the web.  You can organize documents, links, images, text and video in tabs and subtabs.  Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on binders with you or keep it private for your eyes only!

Sumopaint If you like Photoshop, you will love Sumopaint.  It has layers and many of the tools like Photoshop and it is free!

Diigo   I have been a Diigo user for a long time but it is the most useful tool.  I use it many times a day to bookmark sites that I want to keep and share.  Everyone should have an online bookmarking tool and I recommend this one.

Yoono  See your social networking sites all in one place!  I wish it had Plurk but maybe in time…

Sqworl  Create one link for many links.  Great tool for sharing many websites in one place.

There are many more tech tools that I love but I thought I would share just a few of my favorites.  These will change and new ones will come along.  When they do, I will share them with you!


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